Aarcana Inquisitions

Aarcana Inquisitions was written from the ground up to be a low model count, free to play tabletop miniatures game. My goal was to write a game for that friend that every gamer has that wants to "try out all this nerdy stuff", without scaring them away with big dollar signs and a daunting pile of plastic to paint. However I wanted to write a game that people would want to play again and again.
Pull your favorite models off of the shelf to represent monsters and heroes. Employ a hobbyist with a 3d printer and find some killer .STL files to print. Support your local game store and mix and match the coolest models you want to play with. All i ask is that you make the game the most fun version you can for you and your gaming group.
-fully customizable heroes
-up to 8 players
- teamwork and back-stabbing are entirely up to you
Full Rulebook: everything you need to know about playing the game
Character Sheet: printable character sheet to start making your own unique character
Gear and Items: all of the weapons, armor, items and traits you'll choose from to create your hero
Guilds: which guild will be buying your services for your next hunt?
Game Cards: printable front and back game cards to help with randomizing game set up and tracking monster stats
 Quick Refence: an abbreviated list of game rules to check when the game needs to keep moving.