Where to go Next

All of the best lore, mechanics and plot hooks that RPGs have to offer for table top adventure: https://www.thedungeoncast.com/

Official coffee of Baba Yagas Yard Sale: https://brewowlcoffee.com/
Baba Yagas alter-ego for jiu-jitsu gear: https://zenkofightwear.com/collections/humble-monster-fight-crew
Do you train jiu-jitsu? Do you want to? Are you passing through northeast Ohio? Stop in and say hi:  https://toplevelmartialarts.com/
Need some good tunes while writing your campaigns next session, drinking Brew Owl coffee and trying to figure out how to escape “That One Guys” brutal triangle set up? Check out Harmony Star (I happen to know who’s designing their next albums cover art):  https://harmonystarband.com/